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Seed & Nut Oil Producers

Specializing in 100% Organic, Small Batch, Cold-Pressed

Oils- all made in Vernon BC

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Organic Flaxseed Oil-Cold Pressed
Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil-Cold Pressed



Made from 100% Organic

Seeds and Nuts pressed in 

Vernon BC.

  ?Did You Know

Using heat to extract the oil from nuts and seeds can help

increase the yield –but to the detriment of the oil's flavour

and nutritional quality.


Cold Pressed is synonymous with quality made oils.

All our oils are made from organic seeds and nuts and are cold pressed. Cold Pressed is synonymous with quality made oils produced without using extreme heat or chemical solvents. We seek to source seeds and nuts with no more than 10% humidity as water prevents optimum results. Cold Pressed oils retain their flavour and nutritional value making these oils a great choice for either cooking, finishing or health.  

It is important to be aware of the best application in which to enjoy our oils. For example, not all oils should be used for high heat cooking. Some oils have a low smoke point and can burn when exposed to high temperatures. These low smoke point oils are best taken on their own or used as a dressing.  In addition, some oils require enhanced storage conditions to prolong their shelf life.  All these points get covered in the product pages. Be sure to select the best oil for your application.  

R&M Essentials can ship anywhere in North America. We will balance the need between our time sensitive products such as Flax Seeds and the type of shipping being offered. Our goal is to ensure you receive our oil in its freshest state possible. 

Seed & Nut Oil Producers

Located In Vernon BC, R&M Essentials produces superior quality cold pressed oil from only the finest of organic ingredients.  Our European expeller press, mills the oil in small batches with the purpose of getting only the freshest and most nutritious oil to market.  All our products have a variety of uses, for cooking, for health and as a finishing oil. Enjoy!



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